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Fawn ® 




In Hollywood, Fawn is the music & entertainment industry's coach known as

the one who "gets the job done." As a Billboard hit recording artist, songwriter,

entertainer & accomplished musician, Fawn is not your typical music teacher.

She gets to your goals immediately & you reach them together as a team. What

you learn becomes part of you & that's the key to success. Whether you're a

beginner, advanced, special needs, have a short-term issue, long-term issue

or even damaged vocal chords, whatever your situation, Fawn can handle it all.


Clients span the entire globe due to programs such as Skype and have included

Grammy & Oscar winners as well as vocalists & actors from The Voice, American

Idol, Disney, Nickelodeon, X-Factor, America's Got Talent, The Vampire Diaries,

The WB, FreeForm (ABC), Good Morning America, CBS, MTV, LOGO, NBC,

Entertainment Tonight  & many others. Fawn has been producing music & vocals

in the recording studio, coaching voice, piano, songwriting, rap writing, voice-overs,

performance, spoken word, studio & artist development for the past 23 years. She was

operatically trained by Juilliard instructor Sylvia Bagley, trained as a jazz, blues & scat 

singer at world re-known Berklee College of Music, where she won three songwriting

awards. She was R & B/Pop trained by Vocal Coach To The Stars, Seth Riggs. In 2010

she had a #6 Billboard hit pop dance song, "Wish U Love" which she wrote & sang. In 

2016 her songs, "Where Has Your Love Gone" & "Solitude" made the top 10 in the dance

chill out music charts. She has written, recorded & performed songs in several different

languages for a variety of films, TV shows & commercials such as Nickelodeon's

Hollywood Heights, The Natalee Holloway Story,  Spike Lee Productions, Barbie, Ponds,

Target, Ford, Mazda, Pontiac, The Guiding Light, The Young & The Restless, to name

a few. She has also won several album, artist & songwriting awards (see list below).


In voice, songwriting and piano, Fawn has written and performed in the genres of Pop, Blues, Scat Singing, Jazz, Children's, Broadway, Theatre, Opera, Chill out, EDM, Jingles, Christian, Acoustic Pop and Pop Rock. She has also song written and coached Rap, R&B, Hip Hop & Gospel. She has helped actors be able to sing parts for their TV shows, helped popular bands & solo recording artists prepare for going on tour & have great stage performances & presence with precision dancing, costuming, staging, sound, lighting, projection, video, singing & has helped many vocalists find their own true voice. She is also well versed in helping people with speech, speeches, speaking, spoken word, poetry, acting, broadcasting, voice-overs and creative writing. She is able to get piano students as young as 5 years old get to a high concerto level of playing within 3 years, completely reading complicated musical pieces on their own. The youngest person she has ever taught was 3 years old & blind. The oldest person she has ever taught (so far) was 89 years old, after suffering a stroke. Fawn was able to restore her voice within 20  minutes of her first lesson. Fawn is adept in vocal rehabilitation, vocal therapy & music therapy. She has worked with special needs children with ADHD, ADD, Downs Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pit Hopkins Disease, Aspergers Syndrome to name a few. As far as being a songwriter, Fawn generally writes words & music at the same time but she has also written lyrics & music separately, as well as collaborated with others & composed instrumental pieces. Fawn trained with Pat Pattison & Grammy winning Lyricist Marty Panzer in lyric writing & she is a master at producing, recording & editing vocals. She enjoys helping students learn to produce their own vocals & music projects & is the owner of Terrace Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA. 



Fawn is a very fun, yet strict, honest & straight-forward coach. She loves working with adults & children & enjoys helping her students reach their goals & meet their dreams. Being that music & the entertainment business are her career & life, she is current & relevant, yet has plenty of old school training to be well rounded & provide a solid musical foundation for her clients. Over the years she has been known to bring students into her inner circle, so they can gain more experience & exposure, taking them to red carpets, events & putting them up onstage to perform. She remembers being frustrated by piano, voice & songwriting instructors who were not addressing issues that she knew needed to be addressed. This is why she troubleshoots issues & creates a positive, comfortable & safe environment so students can open up & progress quickly. Fawn moves straight to the heart of the matter & gets whatever needs work figured out, so students can move on to what their goals & dreams are.




Berklee College Of Music                                                                  Lyric Writing with Multi-Grammy Winner Marty Panzer • 2 years

Bachelor Of Music                                                                                                                                                                                   


Berklee College Of Music                                                                 Jazz Singing, Scat and Acapella Group singing • 3 years 


Lyric Writing with Pat Pattison • 3 years                                            Vocal Training Seth Riggs Vocal Coach To The Stars • 2 years  


Juilliard • 2 years                                                                               Vocal Training Juilliard Sylvia Bagley, Robert Lansing • 2 years  


Vocal Training Charlie Sorrento • 3 years                                         Vocal Training Matthew Eisenberg, Christiane Steffen • 3 years  


Child Psychology & Mass Communication (Minor Degree)              Songwriting with Jack Perricone • 3 years                                    


Adult Child-Infant COR & AED                                                           Boston Conservatory Of Dance • 3 years                                  




Gwen Bowen School of Dance • 5 years                                           Piano - Classical/Jazz - Tom George/Allen Hobbs • 5 years  




Celebrity LA Judge Singing Competitions • 3 years                          Celebrity Beauty Pageant Judge Miss Plus Size USA • 3 years

Local Celebrity & Shine On                                                                                                                                                                    


Magazine Cover Model & Calendar Model • 10 years                       Music Publisher - My Posie, My Rosie Music, BMI • 7 years   


Music Publisher - Songirl Music, ASCAP • 20 years                           ASCAP Songwriter & Recording Artist • 20 years                       


IMDB: Fawn (II)                                                                                    Duain Wolfe Children's Chorale • 5 years 

Songwriter, Vocalist, Composer for TV,  Film, Commercials               Vocalist ages 7-11                                                                                


Lamont Jazz Singers • 3 years                                                            John Berger' 12 part Vocal Group • 1 year

Soprano singer in 4 part acapella group • 2 years                              International Tour, age 15-16

Lead Vocalist in 12 piece Jazz Quartet • 1 years                                Famed French composer & conductor                                        


Oklahoma! on tour • 6 months                                                             The Rocky Mountain Singers Tour • 3 months

Female Lead                                                                                        Japan, Hong Kong, China                                                            


Stage Manager • 1 year                                                                       Body Soul and Mind Czech Republic Tour • 1 month

Denver Chamber Orchestra                                                                 Promotion as a Recording Artist & Songwriter                             


Published Short Story Author • 2012                                                    TV Correspondent • 10 years

Unnatural Tales Of The Jackalope                                                        Thrive News, BBWRadio, Diversity News, Splash, Examiner

"The Jackalope & The Jelly Bean"                                                                                                                                                           


Vocalist for Duane Wolfe's Children's Chorale • 4 years                       Performer, Entertainer & Recording Artist • over 20 years

Records/performances for Pope John Paul II, Dalai                              International Performances & appearances made around

Lama, State Senate, President, others. Broadcasts: BBC,                     he world for my albums, songs, performances for charities,

ABC, CBS, Christmas Specials, more. Performances in                        live shows, recordings, music videos, TV shows, radio, more.  Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Hong Kong, Italy,

Japan, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain,

Switzerland & Taiwan                                                                                                                                                                                


Jingle Singer/Writer/Producer, Voice-Over Artist • over 20 years           Actress • over 20 years  

Jingle singing, voice-over's, jingle producing, jingle writing                   Paramount, MGM & others. Appearances on a variety of films

Internationally with the #1 jingle house in New Zealand & other             with Kevin Costner, Alexandra Paul, Rae Dawn Chong, John

outlets. Partial list of jingles/commercials: Barbie, Ford, Mazda,            Amos, Paula Abdul, Carson Kressley, John Cusack, Annette

Target, Kitchen Aid, Epicurious, Lavazza Coffee, Mrs. Field's,               Anjelica Huston, others

Ponds, Pontiac, Jamie's, many others.                                                                                                                                                    


Child, Adult & Family Services Specialist - Individual Basis • 5 years

Correction of child behavior - troubleshooting. Helped them learn

skills & strategies in education, child care, youth development,

family interaction, conflict resolution, & addiction/abuse treatment      




 Grammy (NARAS)                                                                                              BMI

The National Academy for the Recording Arts and Sciences                            Broadcast Music, Inc.


ASCAP                                                                                                                ASMAC

American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers                                     America Society of Music Arrangers & Composers


Stonedef Records, Silk Sofa Records, Hades Records • 20 years                    Armada Records, Proton Records, more • 20 years




Best Alternative Song  - 'Over'                                                                            Best Holiday Song  - 'Christmas Time'

'JPF Music Awards 2020                                                                                    JPF Music Awards 2020



Best Holiday  Song  - 'Ho Ho Ho It's A Holiday                                                  Best Dance/Electronic Song  - 'Small'

'JPF Music Awards 2020                                                                                    JPF Music Awards 2020



Best Dance/Electronic Song  - 'Ashes'                                                               Best Dance/Electronic Song  - 'Into Me

'JPF Music Awards 2020                                                                                     JPF Music Awards 2020



Best Dance/Electronic Song  - 'Solitude'                                                            Best Dance/Electronic Album  - 'Idiosyncratic'

JPF Music Awards 2020                                                                                      JPF Music Awards 2020



Best Holiday Album - Angels We Have Heard On High                                     Top 10 Song - ' Where Has Your Love Gone'

JPF Music Awards 2020                                                                                      Music Silk Showcase • 2016

Finalist - "Monster House"                                                                                    

20th Annual Great American Songwriting Award 2018


First Place Special Song Category - "Ghoulish Ghosts"                                      Top 10 Song -  'Solitude'

19th Annual Great American Songwriting Award 2017                                       Music Silk Showcase • 2016


Top 20 Playlist Women Of Substance Radio • 2016                                          Semi-FInalist VH1- Behind The Music Award • 2016

 'Hanukah, Chanukah', 'Christmas Time' and                                                     Song Of The Year 'Christmas Time" 

'Ho Ho Ho It's A Holiday'

Winner VH1- Behind The Music Award • 2011                                                  Semi-FInalist VH1- Behind The Music Award • 2015

Song Of The Year 'Into The Light"                                                                      Song Of The Year 'Miami"                                                                                                                   

GelderHead Award Of Excellence • 8 years 2013-2020                                   SESAC Song of the Year Award

Children's Hospital Holiday Magic CD                                                               "Just Look At Us Now"


Berklee College Of Music Song Of The Year Award                                          Berklee College Of Music Songwriting Award

"Just Look At Us Now"                                                                                         "Livin' Without Your Love"


Berklee College Of Music Songwriting Award                                                   EOTM Award Best Female Artist 2013

"Playin' The Fool"


American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers • 9 years                     EOTM Best Music Video Nomination 2013

Plus Awards                                                                                                        "Wish U Love"


EOTM Best Pop Song Nomination 2013                                                             Zombie Beaver Award 2012

 "Wish U Love"                                                                                                      Best Radio Interview


VH-1 / Save The Music Songwriting Award 2011                                               Cover Model Of The Year 2011                               

Winner of EDM Category                                                                                     LIC Magazine

"Into The Light"                                                                                                      


HMMA Award Best Dance SIngle Nomination 2010                                          Top Sellers List on Masterbeat 2010

"Wish U Love"                                                                                                      "Wish U Love"

Hollywood in Music and Media


MTV LOGO Channel Top 10 Music Videos 20 2010                                          WAKE UP Award Nomination 2010


Billboard Top 10 Hit Song 2010                                                                          Top 10 Dance Songs of The Year 20

Billboard Magazine                                                                                             Hades/Stonedef Records


Top 150 Dance Songs of the Year 2010                                                             JPF Music Award Best Dance Single 2009                                                                                                           "Wish U Love"


#5 Billboard Chart Hot Dance Club Songs 2009                                                JPF Music Award Best Dance Album 2009

Billboard Magazine                                                                                              Body Soul and Mind


Top 5 Billboard Magazine Break Out Charts 2009                                             #1 Scoring Composer of the Year 2008

 "Wish U Love"                                                                                                        Music Freedom


#1 Electronic Artist of The Year • 5 years                                                            Best Jazz Vocalist 1995

Music Freedom                                                                                                     Elevox Jazz Competition


Best Jazz A cappella Group 1996                                                                      Pageant Winner  • 5 years

Elevox Jazz Competition                                                                                     Teen America Pageant


Humanitarian Award • 2 years                                                                            Cheerleader Nationals Award 1992                                                                                                                                                                    Miss Teen Pageant   1991                                                                                        



Emmy Nominated Jeff Goldblum

35 Gold and Platinum Records Marty Panzer

4 time Grammy Winner Lalah Hathaway

Grammy Winner Paula Cole

Grammy Winner Darude

Grammy Winner QDIII

Grammy Nominated Producer BT

Moana Soundtrack Producer Malcolm Smith

MTV's Jon Ernst

Al McKay Allstars Vocalist Tim 'Tio' Owens

Grammy Nominated Engineer Calin at District Sound Lab

Nashville Producer Jon Denney

Top Ten EDM Producer Digital Sixable

Billboard Hit Producer Chad Jack

Billboard Hit Producer Tim Letteer


29 time Grammy Winner and legend Stevie Wonder

16 time Grammy winner producer David Foster

9 time Grammy Winners Simon and Garfunkel

Grammy Nominated John Bettis

Grammy winner David 

5 time Grammy winner Lalah Hathaway

Grammy Winner Paula Cole

Emmy Nominated Jeff Goldblum

Academy Award Winning Actor Kevin Costner

Academy Award Winning Actor Angelica Houston

Billboard Hit Artist Pepper Mashay



Wish U Love                                                                                                        Call On Me

Stonedef Records, Inc./Hades Records                                                             Stonedef Records, Inc.


Fallin' In Love                                                                                                      Oneday

Stonedef Records, Inc.                                                                                       Oneday Foundation


Where Has Your Love Gone                                                                                Solitude

Armada                                                                                                                Silk Sofa Records


Where Has Your Love Gone                                                                                Come Back

Silk Sofa Music                                                                                                     Proton Records


Angels We Have Heard On High                                                                         Ode To Amour

Stonedef Records, Inc.                                                                                         Stonedef Records, Inc.


Idiosyncratic                                                                                                         Remnants     

Stonedef Records, Inc.                                                                                        Stonedef Records, Inc.


Airwaves                                                                                                               Monster House

Stonedef Records, Inc.                                                                                         Stonedef Records, Inc.


Airwaves Vol. II                                                                                                     Airwaves Vol. III

Stonedef Records, Inc.                                                                                         Stonedef Records, Inc.


Body Soul And Mind                                                                                             Ghoulish Ghosts

Stonedef Records, Inc.                                                                                         Stonedef Records, Inc.




Vocal Progressive House Classics Vol. 1 2016                                                      Best Of Trance 2015 Vol. 03


Ibiza Progressive 2015                                                                                           Best Of Deep House 2015 Vol. 01


Visceral 2013                                                                                                          Armada Sunset 2015


Best Of Deep House 2015 Vol. 04                                                                          Best Of Deep House 2015 Vol. 03


Best Of Chillout 2015 Vol. 05                                                                                  Visionary Deep House 2015


Chillout Spring Essentials 2015                                                                              Vocal Trance Anthems Vol. 01 2014


Trance Autumn Essentials 2015                                                                             Vocal Progressive House Classics Vo1. 01 2015


Arrival Pres. Vocal Trance 01 2013                                                                        Uplifting EDM Vol. 01 2014


Trance Classics Vol. 1 2015                                                                                    Best Of Trance 2015 Vol. 06


 Hades Music Pride Sampler 2010                                                                          Holiday Magic 2012


Holiday Magic 2014                                                                                                 Holiday Magic 2015


Mango Alley Life As It Sounds 2011                                                                        Fall Particles 2009















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