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Make a stop at the Music Shop
Lowest industry rates for highest quality coaching from a top 10 Billboard Recording Artist with 25 years coaching experience. My passion is to help beginner to advanced aspiring entertainers, musicians, actors & people reach their goals.
 Free lesson with friend referral. Prices are for in studio & online sessions.
Rates slightly higher for in home coaching.
We only work on what you need to work on.


 $115  - 30 minutes

 $145  - 45 minutes

 $175  - 60 minutes


$125  - 30 minutes

$160 - 45 minutes

$190 - 60 minutes

Emphasis On Reading Music, Ear Training, Music Theory, Precise Technique, Proper Classical Training, Correct Fingering, Improv, Chords, Songwriting, Music History & More. Students Learn To Play ALL Styles Of Music Including Jazz,  Classical,  Ragtime,  Pop,  Broadway,  R&B, Country, Blues, Film Scores, Theme Songs, Compositions From Other Countries, Traditional Songs & More. Training Also  Includes  Chord  Charts,  How  To   Accompany  A  Singer, Composing, Songwriting, Arranging A Song, Lyric Writing, Basic Conducting, Playing Piano While Singing, Stage Presence, Putting Feeling Into Your Playing, Strengthening Your Memory, Sight Reading, Strengthening Agility, Managing Stage Fright, Connecting With Your Fan Base & Audience & Promotion, Learn About The Origin Of Music, Composers & How Styles Of Music Evolved.

Emphasis On  Correct Breathing, Breath Control, Proper Vocal Placement, Putting Feeling Into Your Voice, Singing With Emotion, Connecting With Your Voice, Your Fan Base & Your Audience, Expanding Your Vocal Range, Styling A Song, Facing Pitch Problems, Singing With Volume, Effortless Singing, Microphone Technique, Ear Training & How To Change Your Voice To Different Styles Of Singing Such As Opera, R & B, Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Broadway, Blues, Jingle Singing Studio VS. Live   Singing, Performance, Songwriting, Lyric Writing, Rap, Spoken Word, Diction, Speech, Stage Presence,, Gaining Confidence & Stage Fright, Stage Endurance, Recording Artist Packaging & Styling, Recording Artist Development, Preparation For Tours & Auditions, Recording Studio Vocal Coaching Projects. Riffs, Improv, Operatic Vocal Exercises, Endurance Training. If You Are Tone Deaf, I Can & Will Get You On Pitch, Guaranteed! I Also Coach Speech, Spoken Word, Rap, Sales, Acting, Voice-Over's, Character Voices, Injured Vocal Chords, Speech Therapy And Accent Reduction.


$80 hour vocals only

producing, editing  &

bouncing vocals included


$115 - 30 minutes

$145 - 45 minutes

$175 - 60 minutes

Terrace Studios Is A Complete Professional, Efficient & Comfortable Recording Studio Located In Los Angeles, CA. Equipment Includes Piano, Guitar, Neumann Microphones, Avalon, Logic, Mac Computers, Pro Tools, Vocal Booth & More. Billboard Hit Songs, Albums Of The Year Have Been Recorded Here, As Well As Many Other Songs For Album Compilations, Recording Artists, Jingles, Movie Voice Over's,  Sound Design, Special Effects, Commercials, Voice-Over Reels, Acting Reaes, Video Sound, Film Scores & Music For Television. 400 Square Feet With Fireplace, Kitchenette & 3/4 Bathroom. Seating For Additional Guests. Lighting & Awesome Disco Ball! Hit Songs, Commercials, Film & TV Projects Are Recorded Here. In Person Lessons Are Also Held In This Studio. Full Equipment List Available In Person.

Learn  Song  Form,  Structure & Common Song Formats. Tighten Your  Craft, Fine Tune Your  Lyrics  &  Melodies, Get Inspired When You Don't "Feel" Like  Writing,   Learn Good  Prosody  & How  To  Get  The Words  & Melodies Flowing. Learn Tools To Create A Great Song, Rap, Spoken Word,  How To Write A Jingle, How To Create A  Memorable  Hook  For Jingles,  How  To  Create  A   Song  Hook,  Learn  Chord Progressions,  Copyright,   Publishing,  How    To   Place Songs  In  Film  &  TV, Ideas For Creating  Music, Ideas For  Great Melodies, Writing  Lyrics  To Music, Creating Rhymes & Rhyme Schemes.  Find  More Compelling Words To Express Your Ideas, Learn Chord Progressions, Create Effective Contrast Between Sections, Write In Different Genres, Build Your Song Catalog & Record  Your Finished Song  In The Studio.

Piano Player


$175 - 60 minutes


Live Concert
Retro Singer


$185 - 60 minutes


$165 - 60 minutes

Verified through March 11,  2023 
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